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12 January 2002: Upside Down Connor
A Different View
Playing With His Feet
29 January 2002: Melissa's Birthday
Melissa's Birthday Cake
Melissa's Cake from the Side
Lighted Candles
Better Hurry!
Happy Birthday to you...
Make a Wish
Connor Makes a Grab
30 January 2002: Ready to Go
Bundled Up
7 February 2002: Connor Revists the 70s
Connor Tries on the Past
Old Outfit II
Old Outfit III
Old Outfit IV
Old Outfit V
Old Outfit VI
Old Outfit VII
2 May 2002: Connor Laughs
Melissa videotaped Connor laughing while she juggled some blocks.
Windows Media Player: laughingconnor.wmv (296k)
Real Audio: laughingconnor.rm (218k)
(You may need to right-click the link and select 'save as' to download the file to your computer. From there you should be able to open it with the windows media player.)
15 August 2002: Connor Walks
We went to the large lawn on campus in the evening so Connor could work on walking. These were not his first steps, but they were definitely his most successful so far.
Windows Media Player (451K): walkingconnor.wmv
Real Audio (369K): walkingconnor.rm
23 August 2002: Connor on his First Birthday
Connor at 1 Year
Connor at 1 Year
Connor at 1 Year
Connor at 1 Year
Connor at 1 Year
Connor at 1 Year