Connor and Rowan Tell Their Stories Tales of growing up in Sitka, Alaska

July 24, 2007

going fishing

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Me and grandpa caught some fish – there was one big one that we caught. We caught rainbow trouts. THen we started to fish somewhere else. THen we came home and cleaned the fish off.



the day before yesterday

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I fed the donkey. I feed Little Girl some apples. Little Girl ran out when I was going to give her some more apples so I feed the apples to the other donkey. Little Girl chased the dog and made Connor jump on the fence. That’s all with the donkey story.connorfeedsdonkey.JPG

day at the park

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There was something pretty nifty – the excavator toy who digs in the sand. We had fun there. I learned how to push the merry-go-round fast with other kids.



a day at the zoo

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I saw really cool animals. There are 6 favorite animals: seeing the salmon swim and the grizzly bear laying down up close and the mountain goat up close and the snowy owl up close and the giraffe and seeing the otters catching the little fish.





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