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February 4, 2008

The Snow Cave Story

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Connor and Rowan in their Snow Cave

I made a snow cave for me and Rowan it was big. Me and Rowan got to rest in it and dad got to take a picture of us.

Connor and Rowan in their Snow Cave

Connor and Rowan in their Snow Cave

February 3, 2008

The Junco Close

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A junco got close to me because I was sitting really still and sitting really quiet and it was a Dark-eyed Junco. It was a male because the males of Dark-eyed Juncos, they have a dark head and the females have a lighter head. The Dark-eyed Junco came close to me because I put bird food out.

January 4, 2008

Bohemian Waxwing

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On Thursday me and dad were up on a tall road by Swan Lake and a Bohemian Waxwing almost hit me in the face. A Bohemian Waxwing got really close to me. That was cool.

Today’s Tracks

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I found the tracks at Kruzof Island. Some were deer tracks, some were mink tracks, some were gull tracks. We found them in sand. We had to go on a boat to get there because there is deep water. And that was fun. It was a fun time there and it was sunny. It was half-way cloudy.

September 25, 2007

Pelagic Cormorant and a Sea Lion and a Gull

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Cormorant in Harbor

I took a picture of a Pelagic Cormorant which is in the Thompson’s boat harbor, and it was cool to see. And we are writing about it. And I also saw a sea lion and another cormorant which I didn’t get a picture of. And we saw some gulls.

September 24, 2007

Heron Story

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Great Blue Heron

I took a picture of the heron getting ready to fly off. There’s going to be two pictures of the heron. One flying, and one just standing on the top of the tree. And that was really cool. Bye, Bye! Love, Connor.

Great Blue Heron

September 18, 2007

A Rundy Turnstone

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Ruddy Turnstone
Rundy Turnstone on the rock (taken by Connor)

I saw a turnenstone and it came close to me and it went around me, which that was cool. I never had a bird do that before. But a Runny Turnstone did it. I was so excited about the bird come close to me and went around me.

September 2, 2007

Totem Park

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Connor and Rowan at the Beach

To this point I have limited my contribution to photos and transcription, but I decided today that maybe it would be good to record some of my own observations and thoughts to go along with theirs.

Yesterday I took them to Totem Park. Lately they have been wanting to go down to the end of the park every day. We’ve made it many days, but sometimes other things come up. Connor likes to take pictures of the birds, and Rowan likes to play in the tidepools. Yesterday, the tide was up, so there was not a whole lot of either. Still, Connor was optimistic about finding some in the grass above the beach.

Connor wandered down the beach to look for birds while Rowan stayed with me. We discussed where the tidepools were and at one point she said, “Oh! Now I get it!” She went on to explain how the tide came up because the water in the tidepools had run through the sand and they needed to be filled up again. Her sense of causation is not necessarily the same as I am used to, but I find it interesting. Speaking of the ‘necessarily’, the other day, she was talking to me about something in a book (it may have been Calvin and Hobbes, she seems to like reading those, but has lots of questions about what is happening and why). She pointed to something on a page and said something along the lines of, “This is not necessarily what I want to see.” I was a little surprised to hear her use that word, but then I guess I use it quite a bit, so maybe I shouldn’t be.

After a while, Rowan wandered on down the beach and some shorebirds showed up by me. I spent a fair amount of time watching and photographing the shorebirds. When I got up and went down to where the Connor and Rowan were, I discovered Rowan climbing around on a stump at the edge of the water with no boots or socks, and wet pants up past her knees. As best I can piece together, she was putting her feet in the water from the stump (large roots spread out into the water) and got over her boots. At that point, she just took them and her socks off and proceded to splash about. Connor had stayed dry so far, but was proud to show me a dead fish he had carried up from the water ‘all by himself.’ He then picked it up to show me. I suggested it might be a good idea for him to rinse his hands in the water instead of wiping them on his clothes. Rowan was having so much fun, Connor decided to get in on the action, but he removed his boots and socks first.

They splashed about in the water, laughing at waves, alternately pushing or dodging a dead fish floating by in the shallows, and generally having a good time for at least an hour. The retreating tide diminshed the excitement and finally they decided it was time to go home. With a little help from dad, boots (and socks, for Connor) were boot back on and we headed down the beach for home.

Many times when we are on our way back from the park, one or both of the kids will run and race along the trail trying to stay ahead. It was funny to watch them try that with soaked pants. Rowan was wearing a pair of pants with cotton fabric that were quite clingy. At first she had a hard time running in them, I think because of how they felt sticking to her legs. Eventually she got the hang of it, however. Connor’s pants were not full length, but they are still a little large for him. Even though they only got wet a little past his knees, the denim material was heavy enough pull them down off his waist. To keep them from falling down, Connor reached around to hold up the back of them with one hand. As if it was not difficult enough to run this way, he had a good sized walking stick that he was carrying home, so that made running even more awkward.

August 30, 2007

Today’s Story

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I like raptors. I like owls, peregrine falcons, hawks, eagles, differents kinds of hawks and eagles, peregrine falcons. I also like the favorite kind of animals in the whole wide world. And it only comes out when it’s snowing. It’s a day owl. Do you know what that was? It’s a snowy owl.

We have a friend steller’s jay. There’s lots and lots of birds around here. We have a lots and lots of bird feathers and gull feathers.

I been in school and we have free choice and we have recess. We have free math tubs. Which we didn’t have in Kindergarten. We can pick any math tub that we want to do, and we didn’t get to do that in Kindergarten. And that’s all with the school day.

We saw some Harbor Seals. And you know what? I made the “art” sound so many times that the seals followed us and because thought I had some fish and I was a seal. So they followed me all the way to where we were going.

Today I Writed about Everything I know about

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You know I want to learn about Robins because I saw some, but I really love blue birds. You know what I want to do? I want to pet birds that are friendly. I want to do something that is really nice. Sometimes I want to take care of babies when the mommy and daddy is gone. And something on the other morning I wanted to see. I saw something the other day that was big and had polka dots on it, and I wanted dad to take pictures of it, but it flew away very far. And dad told me it was a Northern Flicker. I know about bird nestes and birds, and sometimes I know about bird nestes and birds.

Dad got me an orange shell, I know about, but something I like shells that are pretty. I like rainbow shells. Rainbow shells are exciting to see and I never saw one before. I saw one and I wanted to take it home. And something I like is everything that is pretty and something that I know about.

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