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June 12, 2009

The muskrat and bass story

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I saw two muskrat. The first one I saw was hurt and it skid right in front of me. Then we went fishing and we caught some bass.

The second muskrat was swimming at Wilson pond.muscratbassandconnor

June 11, 2009

The wild food day

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After we were fishing at CJ Strike in Idaho, we were picking currants and the mosquitoes were attacking us so we didn’t stay there for very long. We put the currants in pancakes and they were delicious. I also got to flip my own egg and take it out. The egg was from the place where we saw the chickens. It was from one of the chickens. pancakeconnorfryingegg1

Wild food Wednesday

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I like picking berries. We picked currants down where we were fishing at CJ Strike in Idaho. I was happy eating them in pancakes. The end.currants

Holding the chicken

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I holding the chickens. I liked holding the chickens. rowanchicken

I visited a chicken place

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I held some chickens yesterday. It had very very very soft feathers. The first chicken I held was very noisy and kicking. I changed to a new chicken. It was fun. connorchickenthe end.

June 9, 2009

baer stories

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1 I saw a black bear at the gas station in Oregon. I have never seen a black bear up close. The black bear was a cub at the time when his mother got hit by a car.

2 I saw 2 brown bears in Oregon at the gas station. The brown bears were cubs. It was in a cage. I think the black bear and the brown bear were about 3 years old. The same for the brown bears, their mothers got killed by a car.

3 The Animal Planet guy was there too. We was was photo-ing the bears while the other people were giving the bears ice so they could keep cool. The bears were going to Washington State – where I was born, but not in Pullman. They were going to let them go free – they taught them how to survive at a place in Boise Idaho.bearwatchingbears

going fishing

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I went fishing – I had a few bites. I didn’t set the hook fast enough so I didn’t catch any. I just reeled. I wasn’t watching my bobber. I watched Connor and grandpa and somebody else and I watched for bugs. I saw a dragonfly fly by. And I kicking some rocks and I was watching sometimes the water and I was missing my mom and dad a lot when I was fishing. The end.rowanfishing

bugs n the gordin

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I found crickets and moths and spiders and rolly-pollies.bugs1

Finding baby birds in a nest

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I found a robins nest when we where pulling weeds. I said there’s a nest in a tree I said maybe there’s some eggs in the nest so I climbed the tree and I found four baby birds.


June 3, 2009

cricket catching

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i cot three crickets and we put them in a gar. i gave them some leaves to eat.
For wild food Wed, we ate some persillon. It tasted like wheat.wildfood

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