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Composite Image: Verstovia to Peak 2890

At the far right, just visible above the fog is Peak 2550. Moving to the left there is Mount Verstovia. Cupola Peak can be seen in the very far distance and just to the left of that is Bear Mountain. Arrowehad is somewhat difficult to distinguish as it peaks just to the left of the final peak on Bear Mountain. Moving on from there is probably Mt. Bassie and some other unamed peaks in the distance. The Middle Sister sticks up little bit closer though even its relative nearness is not enough to make it look bigger than Clarence Kramer Peak. The East Sister rises next before being dwarfed by the much closer North Sister. After the Sisters all the next peaks are unnamed until Mt. Kalian. Mt. Katlian is the peak in the distance which is the third furthest from the right, rising up behind the smaller unnamed peak which peaks beside it. The near peak at the far right is Peak 2890 on the USGS maps.

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