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Likely Route up Sisters-Arrowhead Peak Ridge (60007 bytes)

Likely Route up Sisters-Arrowhead Peak Ridge

This is my best guess at the route that my brother and I took to get up to the top of the ridge once we left the trees. The little hitch not too far from the beginning was our aborted atempt to climb the cliffs. The route was full of brush and steepness. It is possible to make out some of the smaller (10-15 foot) cliffs which were above and below us in various places. After getting off the cliff, we went mostly sideways and a little bit up until we made it to some larger subalpine scrub trees which we were able to pull ourselves up through. Though it is difficult to tell in this image, there is actually a gully which goes down to the left of the larger snowfield which we climbed up.

The larger view (with no route)

Location: Mt. Edgecumbe High School Campus, Sitka, Alaska

Journal: 10 August 2000: Indian River-Sisters-Arrowhead Loop