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NNC Band Trip to Balanced Rock

In the fall of 1995 a number of members of the NNC concert band made a trip to Balanced Rock. The most memorable part of the trip for me was a hike some of us made up Salmon Falls Creek Canyon not too far from where this picture was taken. We went up the canyon on a trail which was fairly easy to follow. For some reason after we had made it up quite a ways, we made the choice to go to the other side of the canyon. It was not easy to cross the creek where we did, though we managed to do so without getting wet. As it turned out, there was no trail on this side of the creek though we did not let that stop us. It was an interesting hike back. Personal highlights for me included making my way through large patches of stinging nettles while wearing shorts (my legs burned for 12 hours after that and they didn't stop itching for a week) and almost falling off a cliff when we decided to take a higher route to avoid some of the thicker vegetation.