Winter/Spring 2005: Idaho, Oregon
Europe Fall 2004
Summer 2004: Alaska
Winter/Spring 2004: Alaska
Fall/Winter 2003: Alaska
Summer 2003:Oregon, Idaho, Alaska
Spring 2003:California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah
Winter 2003: Oregon
Fall 2002: Oregon
Summer 2002: Idaho, Alaska
Winter/Spring 2002: California, Oregon
Pictures of people from various places.
Summer 2001:Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon
Spring 2001: Oregon, Nevada
Winter 2000: Idaho, only a couple of pictures
Fall 2000: Oregon
Summer 2000: Chilkoot trail
Jump Creek: a hike with Dan Lucas.
England and Paris: my trip to Europe summer of 1999
Sitka: older Sitka pictures.
Summer: Sitka pictures from summer of 1999.
Elsewhere: currently Idaho and Oregon

I shaved a couple days after finishing my summer of 2000 in Alaska. I have two links.
First one utilizing thumbnail links.
Last one without thumbnails there are 12 pictures ranging from 21K to 37K, I thought it was easier to see my "transformation" using this page. But my mom preferred the one with thumbnails.