4 June 1998
This morning there was a low bank of clouds, but by noon it had burnt off. There is a picnic this evening on Harbor Mountain and I decided that I would hike to it. I am taking my time going up the hill. I have stopped to take many pictures of flowers along the way. I am not sure how they will turn out. I just purchased my first SLR camera and I am bascially just experimenting, trying to get a feel for how best to get good pictures.

I am now at the top of the bowl on Harbor Mountain. It looks like I will make it to the picnic on time or perhaps a little early. So far I have shot about 50 pictures, most of which were close ups of wildflowers. It would nice if at least a couple of them come out decent. There were 3 or 4 kinds of flowers I do not remember seeing/noticing before. I will have to look them up when I get home.

I went with running shoes again today and have not had much trouble with them. On the plus side they are lighter and cooler. On the minus side, they offer little protection from stubbed toes and when walking down hill, they allow my feet to slide forward which is a little uncomfortable on the toes.

For as nice as the day is, I would have thought there would be some folks hiking from Harbor down to Gavan, but I did not pass anyone.

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