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Hot Springs Trailhead

This was the sign at the start of the trail on which I went for a mountain bike ride with Leslie, a friend from the Alpine Club. I don't think that we made it quite as far as Divide Trail 505. This trail starts out quite steep, and I found that I was barely up to the challenge. My lungs in particular seemed to struggle to find enough oxygen to scour out of the air in order to satisfy my muscles.
After many breaks, we turned around and I discovered why suspension on a bicycle could be nice. The bumps were numerous and the vibrations left my arms feeling abused. I crashed once when I tried to make it over a couple of small trees which had fallen across the trail. I got my front tire up and over the first one without any difficulty. Right as the front tire was coming down to hit the second tree, the back tire hit the first tree and I found myself continuing on while the bike slowed noticably. The net result was that I rammed my stomach into my handle bars though luckily I managed to get my feet out of the toe clips and down on the ground to keep myself from crashing too bad. Overall I would say it was an exhilirating and enjoyable ride down (the ride up wouldn't have been so bad if I were in better shape).

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