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4-5 June: Indian River Falls
Indian River Falls
Indian River Falls from further back
Skunk Cabbage along Trail
Deer Heart
5 June: Halibut Point Rec.
Climbing on rocks at HPR I
Climbing on rocks at HPR II
Villous Cinquefoil Cluster
Villous Cinquefoil Close up
6 June : Pirate's Cove Picnic
Pirate's Cove with Mt. Edgecumbe in Distance
Getting Ready to Leave Pirate's Cove
7-8 June: Gavan Hill Shelter
Shelter Buried in Snow I
Shelter Buried in Snow II
Morning Fog Composite Image
Clouds over Harbor-Gavan Ridge
Stuff Spread Out to Dry
11 June: Verstovia (peak 2550)
First View from Trail
Second View from Trail
12 June: Activities, Thoughts, and Observations
18-20 June: Sevenfathom Bay Forest Service Cabin
Sevenfathom Bay Cabin
Randy and Amy by the Fire
Beached Whaler
Possible Canoe Pullout in West Crawfish Inlet
Lake Near West Crawfish Inlet
Me beside Stream in West Crawfish Inlet
Rod and Randy Beside Stream in West Crawfish Inlet (horizontal)
Windy Passage
Late June: King Salmon Fishing, Sitka Sound
Randy with King Salmon
23 June: Indian River Falls
Indian River Falls
Ryan and Sunan at Indian River Falls
1 July: Verstovia (peak 2550)
Me on Peak 2550
Sitka Below the Clouds
The Hikers?
Me with Main Peak in Background
2 July: Verstovia with Hartrichs
Bear Track in Trail
Lupine on Verstovia
Lupine Over Silver Bay
Lupine with Bear Mountain in Distance
Nick, Steve, and Bill on Main Peak
Me, Bill, Nick and Steve on Main Peak
Looking Over Town (facing away)
Looking Over Town (facing)
The Hartrichs on Peak 2550
The Hartrichs Running Down the Snow
3-5 July: Kanga Bay Forest Service Cabin
Kanga Bay Cabin
Crabapple in Bloom
Cleaning Salmon I
Cleaning Salmon II
Admiring Salmon
6 July: Sealion Cove
North End of the Cove
Anthony, Randy and Me on Beach
Thimbleberry Patch
Blue Geranium
Blue and White Geranium
White Geranium I
White Geranium II
Columbine I
Columbine II
Columbine III
17 July: Camp Lake
Crossing the Creek
Falls Along Medvejie Lake
Tree Growing on Rock
Wood Texture
Avalanche Path
Camp Lake I
Camp Lake II
Bear Trail
Camp Lake and Cliffs in Distance
Valley Below Camp Lake (with Randy)
Valley Below Camp Lake
Medvejie Valley
Colapsed Snowbank
Third Week in July: Indian River Cross Trail
B&W Muskeg Image I
B&W Muskeg Image II
23 July: Gavan to Harbor Mountain
Gavan Steps
Mt. Edgecumbe
30 July: Cross Trail Hike and Apple Island Picnic
Berry Picking
Wading Across
Picnic Picture I
Picnic Picture II
31 July-1 August: Camp Lake
On Boat Ride: Jonathan with Cross Mountain
Stream Above Medvejie Lake
Looking Down on Camp Lake
Taking a Break on Bear Mountain
Morning Reflection on Camp Lake
Mist on Medvejie Lake
It's not that cold
Medvejie Lake
4 August: Medvejie Hatchery and Green Lake
King Salmon in Fish Run at Hatchery
Green Lake
Green Lake Dam
Mom and Dad at Green Lake Dam
6 August: Totem Park
6 Guys and a White Plastic Jug
Green in a Hollow Log
7 August: Harbor Mountain to Shelter
Jonathan, Dad and Me at Shelter
Dad on a Snowbank
Brent, Jonathan and Me on Snowbank (scanned from a photo taken by my Dad)
Brent and Dad Barely Visible in Fog
Jonathan and Dad in Fog