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Jonathan Makes His Way Down (71636 bytes)

Jonathan Makes His Way Down

The cliffs seen here might not have been so bad to get up and down if not for the fact that they were quite wet. Water from snow melting on the slopes above trickles down over the rock here, apparently providing a fair environment for algae and a variety of plants. This resulted in my brother and I have a fair bit of difficulty making our way around. We did make it up a fair ways, spurred on by the fact that things looked "not too bad" a little bit further on. Each time we found them to be worse than they looked from a distance. At one point, we decided that we were better off climbing back down and trying to find our way around the cliffs rather than going straight up them. Getting down was no trivial task either, especially for my brother in his slick basketball type shoes. He is just starting to climb down here after we had rigged up a string to get our packs down from where he is standing to where I took the picture. Not having packs on our backs made it much easier to manuever around.

Location: Above Indian River Falls, Sitka, Alaska

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