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15-17 January: Alpine Club Trip, Lolo Pass, ID and MT
Snow Cave
Sun Through Trees I
Sun Through Trees II

29 January: 47N 117W, ID
View From Kriebel Road
End of Kriebel Road (at least on that day)
Kriebel Road Quagmire
Kriebel Road
Looking SSW from 47N 117W
Looking SSE from 47N 117W
Looking NE from 47N 117W
Looking NW from 47N 117W
Looking SW from 47N 117W
Fields and Forest I
Fields and Forest II

19 Febuary: 47N 118W, WA
GPS shows 47N 118W
Rocks to Nap By I
Rocks to Nap By II
Lonely Tripod
Land of Grass

2 March: Washington State University, Pullman, WA

6 March: Klemgard Road and Story Road, WA
No Hunting
Looking downriver from Klemgard Road
Looking upriver from Klemgard Road
Story Road
Field along story road
Fields, trees, and shed along Story Road
Field and Story Road
Two Roads
Snow on field

11 March: State Route 245, Eastern OR
Mountains in Morning Sun

13 March: 43N 116W, ID
North and Northwest Composite
South and Southwest Composite
Looking Down on Fields

18 March: Jump Creek Canyon, Owyhee County ID
Wide Canyon
Down Canyon
Horizontal Jump Creek View
Vertical Jump Creek View
Jonathan By Jump Creek
Jonathan in Canyon
Narrow Canyon
Looking Into Canyon
Stepping Carefully
Grass and Sage

19 March: Kuhl Ridge Road, Eastern WA
Moonlit Clouds I
Moonlit Clouds II

26 March: Story and Haeder Roads, Eastern WA
Green Field, Blue Sky, White Clouds
Fields Near End of Haeder Road
Haeder Road

1-2 April: Stanley Hot Springs, Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness, ID
Purple Flower
Crossing the Creek
Clearwater Rafters

3 April: Wawawai-Pullman and Carothers Roads, Eastern WA
Roadside Fields
Darker, Lighter, Green, Blue
Trees on the Skyline
Carothers Road
View From Carothers Road

8 April: Ryan Road, Eastern WA
Trees, Fields, Clouds
Pasture, Fields and Clouds

10 April: Pullman to Johnson, Eastern WA
Red Barn

15 April: Rock Climbing Frenchman's Coulee, WA
Sunshine Wall Climb
Climbing I
Climbing II

29 April: Rock Climbing Along South Fork of the Clearwater, ID
Looking Down River From Black Pine
Looking Up River From Black Pine
Looking up River From Above Black Pine
Looking Up River from Near Ridge Top
Al Rappelling

5 May: Palouse River Falls State Park, Eastern WA
Falls From A Distance
Indra Swallowtail
Getting Into the Canyon I
Getting Into the Canyon II
Leslie at the Top of the Falls
A Long Drop Down I
A Long Drop Down II
The Falls and Me
Flowers Along the Palouse River
Rattlesnake Area