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Stuck Truck

The map indicated that this road went through and met up with the highway. When it ended at the edge of a field where it was too narrow to turn around without driving into the field, I decided to back out. The shoulder was a little soft on one side and we ended up in the ditch. It's possible if I had more driving skill that I could have driven out, but at the time it felt like we were about to tip over, so I decided it was best to get help since there was a farmhouse nearby. All it took was a little bit of pulling to give me enough extra to get both the front wheels out of the ditch and after that it was no problem. I imagine that if the ditch bank had not been so soft or both rear wheels were in the ditch instead of the front and rear passenger wheels, it would have been fairly straightforward to drive out without help, but I was not about to go back and test out that hypothesis.

Location: Near Garfield, Whitman County, Washington