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1 January: 43N 115W, Southern Idaho
Approaching 43N 115W
Looking North From 43N 115W
Looking East From 43N 115W
Looking South From 43N 115W
GPS Showing 43N 115W
Jonathan and Ce'Nedra
Frost Covered Shrub
6 January: 43N 114W, Southern Idaho
View From Owinza Desert Road
Rock Cairn
Dad and Dog at 43N 114W
Me at 43N 114W
Looking North From 43N 114W
Looking East From 43N 114W
Looking South From 43N 114W
Looking West From 43N 114W
Looking Northwest from 43N 114W
Dad and Dog on Their Way Back
15 January: Round Top near Pullman, WA and Country Roads Near Moscow, Idaho
Round Top
Round Top II
Larson Road View
Lyon Road View
A Farm in the Fog
26 January: 46N 116W Near Grangeville, Idaho
GPS at 46N 116W
Looking Into the Valley
Looking Towards the Clearwater
Looking Out of the Valley
Keep Out
Gulch Road
27 January: Lolo Pass and Jerry Johnson Hotsprings, Idaho
Skiing at Lolo Pass
Bridge to Jerry Johnson Hot Springs
16 February: 46N 116W Near Tri-Cities, Washington
GPS at 46N 119W
Looking Up River
Looking Across the River
Looking Down River
Looking Towards Rim of Gorge
Looking Up the Gorge I
Looking Up the Gorge II
17 February: Smith Rocks State Park, Oregon
Climbing 5 Gallon Buckets I
Jonathan on 5 Gallon Buckets
Nearing the Top of 5 Gallon Buckets
Phoenix Buttress
Steve Smith
Warming Up?
18 February: South Central Oregon
Abert Rim
Lake Abert
Abert Rim
GPS at 43N 120W
Looking South
Looking East
Looking North
Looking West
19 February: The Alvord Desert, Eastern Oregon
First Light at Alvord Hot Springs
Rosy Colored Sunrise at Alvord Hot Springs
A self portrait
Looking South from Alvord Hot Springs
Alvord Hot Springs
Alvord Hot Springs
Alvord Hot Springs
Alvord Hot Springs Source
Algae I
Algae II
Alvord Desert
22 March: Succor Creek Scenic Byway, Eastern Oregon
Desert Hills
Yellow Bell Flower
Succor Creek
Succor Creek Scenic Byway
Succor Creek Canyon I
Succor Creek Canyon II
Colored Hills I
Colored Hills II
The Mud
After the Extraction
24 March: Leslie Gulch, Eastern Oregon
Rock and Cloud Formations
Leslie Gulch Rocks
Leslie Gulch Rock Formation
Leslie Gulch Formations I
Leslie Gulch Formations II
Leslie Gulch Formations III
4 May: Back Roads and Lower Granite Dam, Eastern Washington
Owl on a Fencepost
Spirit of 98 Enters Lower Granite Dam Lock
Mooring up in the Lock
Owls in Lower Granite Dam
Gate on the Lower Granite Dam Lock
Lowering Sequence
Opening the Gate
Leaving the Lock Behind
Headed Down River
5 May: Elk Creek Falls Trail, Idaho
Elk Creek Falls Information Sign
Elk Creek Falls Trail Map Sign
Calypso Orchid
Calypso Orchid
Yellow Violet
Lower Elk Creek Falls
Strawberry Flower
Purple Violet
Unidentified White Flower
Evening Sunlight in the Forest