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Mountain Panorama (200587 bytes)

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Mountain Panorama

This picture is a composite of 15 images stitched together. Clarence Kramer Peak is at the far left (with the Middle Sister in front of it). Moving right, the knob in the foreground does not officially have a name, but I believe it is what is called "Humdinger Mountain" in Les Yaw's book about hunting in the Sitka area called Targets Hit and Targets Missed. Mount Bassie is the large peak in the distance with a glacier. Rising to the right of Bassie is a ridge on the back (Medvejie) side of Bear Mountain. Arrowhead Peak (as named on the USGS maps) on the closer ridge gives way to a view of the high point ice cap in the distance. Bear Mountain dominates the view behind the ridge to the right of Arrowhead. Finally, Cross Mountain (Cupola Peak) is seen in the background.

Location: Gavan Hill, near Sitka, Alaska

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