Connor and Rowan Tell Their Stories Tales of growing up in Sitka, Alaska

June 22, 2010

I caught a butterfly

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I caught a butterfly and it was not a cabbage white. We caught it in the air with our butterfly nets. We put it in a jar with flower pedals – that was how it was so pretty. It had spots on its wings – only two spots.RowanButterflyCatch

June 16, 2009

Gopher Story

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We set a gopher trap the night before last night and early yesterday morning I got up, got dressed, and went outside to check the gopher trap. AND we caught a gopher. I looked both ways before I went across the road and then I went and told grandpa that we got a gopher and I asked if I could pull the trap up and he said yes. I said, “I’ll just leave it in the trap until you do something with it.” He said he would come over with me right now. So grandpa took the gopher out of the trap and I saved it until Grams and Rowan got up and saw it. Grams took a picture of it.

It was a pocket gopher. It is called a pocket gopher because it has pockets on the side of its mouth and it gets dirt in its pokcetsgopher and then comes up and shoots it out.


June 12, 2009

The muskrat and bass story

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I saw two muskrat. The first one I saw was hurt and it skid right in front of me. Then we went fishing and we caught some bass.

The second muskrat was swimming at Wilson pond.muscratbassandconnor

June 9, 2009

Finding baby birds in a nest

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I found a robins nest when we where pulling weeds. I said there’s a nest in a tree I said maybe there’s some eggs in the nest so I climbed the tree and I found four baby birds.


June 17, 2008

The Btterfly

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I cot a monarch btterfle

love Connor


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Connor caught a butterfly and then I caught a butterfly. We didn’t keep it but we kept a little one for a little while but then we left it go and the little grasshopper got away too.

I love you mom


June 14, 2008

I got to see a falcon

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I got to see a real peregrine falcon at the raptor place. I got to see a bald eagle that actually wasn’t very bald. I got to see a Condor – he eats rotten food.

June 1, 2008

Connor and the Crab

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I thought the medium size crab was real that I saw where the bullheads were and I carried it whereever I went. When I got home I opened his pinchers opened and shut with my bare hands.


May 21, 2008

The humingbird and tooth Story

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I saw a humingbird a feyou ichise in the bushi!
[I saw a hummingbird a few inches away in the burhses]

School is good I Love you mom!

My tooth came out today Love Connor

Beach Day

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I’m going to the beach with my whole classroom tomorrow. I bet I would go back to my school tomorrow. I’m going to Nana’s tomorrow. We called Nana. I had very fun at the beach. I went very fun at the beach sometimes, but when I get hurt, I cry. Sometimes I catch bullheads with our net. Sometimes I don’t. Connor gave me some with his net, when he catch one. When he catch one I get to hold it too. I’m very happy grams is going to help me pack when mom is in Ireland.

Thanks you grams for helping us pack once you’re here. I love grams and mom.

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