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Medvejie Lake Trail

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Medvejie Lake Outflow

A short trail leads from Bear Cove to Medvejie Lake, nestled in a deep valley between Bear Mountain and Cross Mountain. A waterfall cascades down the Cross Mountain side of the valley near the mid-point of the lake. Canoes are available, though their condition is often questionable.
Seasons: All
Difficulty: Moderate-Easy
Elevation Change: Moderate-Slight
  • The total elevation change along the trail is about 240 feet over about one half mile.
Route Finding: Moderate-Easy
  • The most difficult place to find the trail is at the very beginning. After crossing the creek it is not always obvious where the trail is, but once found, it is generally easy to follow.
Trail Condition: Moderate
  • The very beginning of the trail may involve a stream crossing (either by wading or crossing a fallen log), depending on water levels.
  • The trail is generally unmaintained. There are places where it is necessary to stoop or crawl to get under a fallen tree.
Getting There:
Take Green Lake Road to Bear Cove. Take a left turn in the area of the hatchery buildings and follow this road a short distance to near where it ends. There is a stream (possibly dry) nearby that must be crossed to access the trail. Some people prefer to get to Bear Cove by boat and anchor off-shore before walking up to the lake.
Things to See
  • Wildlife is common (though not as commonly seen), including deer and bear as well as other smaller mammals. I have also seen Canadian geese that nested on the lake.
  • Bears are in the area, though I have only seen sign while hiking.
  • Medvejie Lake is an exceptionally clear lake that lies in a narrow valley that is around 3000 feet deep.
  • Canoes are available for paddling on the lake.
  • It is possible to get to the base of a tall waterfall that tumbles down from Cross Mountain.
Destination Distance (one way/round trip)
Time (one way/round trip)
Medvejie Lake (from Bear Cove) .5 miles/1 mile
20-45 minutes/1-2 hours
Falls (by Canoe from end of trail) .5 mile/1 miles
15-45 minutes/40-90 minutes
Connecting Trails
Green Lake Road