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Mount Verstovia Trail
Trail Overview

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Mt. Verstovia Trailhead

A steep trail provides access to stunning vistas at a price. Mt. Verstovia is the easily the most strenuous of the maintained trails in Sitka, but it is still quite popular in all seasons.
Seasons: All
In winter Mt. Verstovia is popular with snowboarders.
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult to Difficult
Elevation Change: Significant
Route Finding: Easy to Moderate
Trail Condition: Moderate to Poor
Getting There:
Drive out Sawmill Creek Boulevard a couple of miles. There is a large trailhead sign along (most easily visible when driving back into town). The trail starts beside a building that is currently home to Seiner's Restaurant.
Things to See
  • Views of Sitka, Sitka Sound, and the mountains of Baranof Island.
Destination Distance (one way/round trip)
Time (one way/round trip)
First Viewpoint (800 ft) .75 miles/1.5 miles
20-45 minutes/45-90 minutes
Second Viewpoint 1.25 miles/2.5 miles
45-75 minutes/1-2.5 hours
Picnic Rock (Peak 2550) 2.5 miles/5 miles
1.5-3 hours/3-6 hours
Summit (aka Arrowhead Peak) 3.5 miles/7 miles
2-4 hours/4-8 hours