3 June 1998
There is a low cloud bank covering most of the mountains, though patches of blue sky offer hope that it will clear up later. A friend wanted to go out to Beaver lake, so we borrowed a car and dog and drove on out. The trail starts with a series of switchbacks up a nice little hill. I think the elevation gain is about 300 feet in a quarter mile or so. I moved right on up the hill in order to take advantage of the opportunity for a cardio-vascular workout of sorts. My friend was more interested in taking in the sights I think and so I ended up at the top of the hill first. I decided to write a bit while waiting.

I find that since I have started this I journal, I tend to think in terms of what I might write here. I am not sure what, if any, effect this will have on how I experience hikes.

There is a little bit of a breeze at the lake, but not enough to discourage mosquitoes. The dog seems to enjoy swimming around in the water. The trail has been extended a bit further around the lake since the last time I was here, though it looks like they have given up on putting it all the way around for now.

Pictures: None taken.
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