Ryan and I had agreed to meet and hike up Indian River trail today. I met Ryan while hiking up Verstovia a week or so ago. He is staying in Sitka with his brother this summer. Ryan brought along another guy with whom he goes to school whose name is Sunan.

We started from the parking lot at about 1:15pm and made pretty good time up the trail. The weather was pleasant, the clouds were lifting after yesterday's rain and it looked like the sun would be emerging. I noticed that there were still many stream violets in bloom long the trail. The plants along the uppper parts of the had definitely greened up a great deal since the last time I was up it (almost 3 weeks ago). I think that at that time the snow had just barely melted off completely and the air was still pretty cold. In the mean time the temperatures have warmed up a great deal and I think this has made a big difference.

We reached the falls at about 2:45. One and a half hours to the falls is a pretty fast pace for hiking. The snow bank which I had previously seen near the falls was still there, though it was significantly smaller than it had been. Ryan, Sunan, and I hiked up and over it, though we didn't go all the way to right under the falls. After taking a few pictures, we started back down the trail. It took us a little longer to get down than it had to get up, though we stopped on the way down a couple of times. Even so, it still only took about an hour and forty five minutes.

By the end of the hike I could definitely tell that my feet are not used to being walked on for such long stretches at a time. I felt fine in terms of leg and cardio-vascular endurance though, so that was nice.

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