Since my brother and I were planning on going camping on 31 July, he thought it would be a good idea to go and get his sleeping pad from where he had been camping occasionally since he has been in town. So my dad, Jonathan, and I decided to go start up Gavan Hill trail and then take the Cross Trail connection over to Indian River Trail.

As we hiked along, the low clouds started to burn off resulting in a pleasantly warm day for hiking. The Cross Trail was nearly complete, with just a few short stretches left to have gravel applied. The Cross Trail actually runs all the way from Charteris Street to Indian River Trail, intersecting Gavan Hill Trail right about where the flat section ends and the you start going up Gavan Hill itself. It terminates about 5 or 10 minutes from the start of Indian River Trail.

We hiked up to the muskeg on Indian River Trail where I waited for my dad and brother while they continued on up to where my brother had camped. I layed down on the bench in the sun and and relaxed. While I was laying there, I was visited by a humming bird which hovered for second or two about a foot away from me. The birds are attracted by my red vest, I think. The cloudberries were thick, and when my dad and brother returned my dad spent a while picking cloudberries before we started back.

Since I wanted to check my mail at the post office, we decided to cross the river and go along the back way over to Jarvis Street to make it to the post office. There is still the remains of an old bridge across the river, but a little further along we ran into a stretch of standing water which it was not going to be easy to go around and so instead we waded across it. My brother and dad thought it was pretty cold, but I did not think it was that bad. Maybe I was just tougher after having waded across the river at Bear Cove a couple weeks ago.

That evening I went out on a picnic with some friends and family. We took a boat out to one of the Apple Islands where there is a nice sandy beach. The rocks around there were covered in harebells. It looked like patches of solid purple in some places. Some of these harebells overlooked the picnic. Later, we sat around the fire and some of us roasted marshmellows for smores.

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