My brother and I had intended to drive down to the Grand Canyon over Spring Break, but I started feeling sick on Sunday and did not figure that such a road trip would be a good to get better. On this Monday, though I was feeling a little worse than on Sunday, I was not too bad, so we decided to go visit our Grandma and stop by this degree confluence on the way.

It took us a little bit of driving on the roads across the river from Grand View since the road signs and the maps we had did not seem to agree all the time. In the end, we made it where we intended and walked about .75 miles across desert pasturelands from where we parked to the confluence point. The confluence point was at the edge of the slope down into the bottomlands through which the Snake River makes its way. To the South and Southwest, the Owyhee Mountains were visible, though in pretty much every other direction there was not much to see except for sage brush, dirt, and the occasional power lines.

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