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27 August 2002: Crane Fly on My Window, Sitka, Alaska
Crane Fly
Crane Fly
Crane Fly
31 August 2002: Indian River Valley near Sitka, Alaska
Coral Root (Corallorhiza mertensiana)
Verstovia in the Clouds
Cutting into Gavan Hill
Dead Cedar
Aligned Wood in a Muskeg Puddle
Red Sphagnum Moss (Sphagnum sp.)
Bog Blueberry (Vaccinium sp.)
31 August 2002: Late Summer Sunset, Sitka, Alaska
Sunset over Sandy Beach
Sunset over Sandy Beach
8 September 2002: Beaver Lake Trail, Sitka, Alaska
Deer Fern (Blechnum spicant)
Clarence Kramer Peak
19 September 2002: Mosquito Cove Trail, Sitka, Alaska
Mosquito Cove Trailhead
23 October 2002: Harbor Mountain, Sitka, Alaska
Looking Over the Clouds
Annahootz Mountain
Harbor Mountain Bowl
Melissa on Harbor Mountain
Melissa on Harbor Mountain
16 November 2002: Beaver Lake Trail, Sitka, Alaska
Bear Mountain
Beaver Lake Reflection
Clarence Kramer Peak
Mountain Reflection
Mountain Peaks
17 November 2002: View from Home, Sitka, Alaska
View out the Front Window
21 November 2002: Front Yard, Sitka, Alaska
False-Polytricum (Timmia austriaca)
23 November 2002: Mt. Verstovia (Peak 2550), Sitka, Alaska
Mt. Verstovia Trailhead
Ground Dogwood (Cornus canadensis)
Squirrel Peaking
Squirrel Blur
Second View Point
Clubmoss (Lycopodium sp.)
A Handsaw
Deer Fern (Blechnum spicant)
The Ridge
A First Look of the Main Peak
Mt. Verstovia Main Peak
Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana)
Looking Southeast Down Silver Bay
Mountain Hemlock Hikers
28 November 2002: Late Fall Flora, Sitka, Alaska
Frog Pelt Lichen (Peltigera neopolydactyla)
Late Huckleberries (Vaccinium parvifolium)
9 December 2002: Winter Roses, Sitka, Alaska
December Roses I
December Roses II
December Roses III
18 December 2002: Sunrise, Sitka, Alaska
Mt. Edgecumbe Sunrise