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Comparing Twistedstalk and False Hellebore (63488 bytes)

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Comparing Twistedstalk and False Hellebore

Most of the books I have read that talk about edible plants put strong warnings about confusing twistedstalk species with false hellebore. I tended to be a little puzzled the implication that the two plants looked alike, as every time I had seen them, they looked very different from each other (even just coming out of the ground). After noticing the plants seen here, I saw that they can look quite similar (the one on the left is false hellebore and the ones on the right are twistedstalk). False hellebore is violently poisonous while twistedstalk is edible (and tastes much like cucumber, in my experience).

Location: Harbor Mountain-Gavan Hill Trail, Sitka, Alaska

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