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Beaver Lake Trail
Beaver Lake

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Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake is a medium sized lake surrounded by old growth forest and bogs sitting at an elevation of 440 feet on a lower bench of Bear Mountain. There is a small platform with a pair of benches overlookin the outflow of Beaver Lake. A skiff is generally tied up where the trail reaches the lake but oars may be in poor condition or missing entirely.
Distance and Time: 2 miles; 40-80 min (round trip)
A significant factor in the time it takes to hike this trail is the pace that can be maintained along the initial steep section.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Elevation Change: Moderate
  • The first quarter mile consists of a series of switchbacks up a steep hillside from the bottom of the valley with an elevation gain of more 200 feet.
  • After the first quarter mile the elevation change to the lake is slight.
Route Finding: Easy
Trail Condition: Good
  • In winter sections of the trail may be quite icy.
Seasonal Notes
  • Flowers bloom all along the trail starting in spring.
  • Rufous Hummingbirds may be quite audible and visible along the initial section of switchbacks.
  • Grayling can occasionally be seen in the stream where the trail passes by.
  • Flowers bloom throughout the summer.
  • Dragonflies are common in the area around the lake.
  • The first snow on the surrounding mountains can be a dramatic sight.
  • Accessibility is less convenient due to the closure of Blue Lake Road
  • The trail may be quite icy in places.
  • The lake may freeze