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Beaver Lake Trail


Hiking the Loop

The loop section of Beaver Lake trail follows the shoreline of Beaver Lake fairly close for most of its length with the exception of one stretch that cuts across a muskeg area on a hill above the lake.
Distance and Time: 3 miles; 1.5-3 hr (round trip)
The loop section proper is about one mile around the lake, with the other two miles consisting of getting to and from the trailhead. A significant factor in the time taken to do this hike is the initial quarter mile of switchbacks up the hillside.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Elevation Change: Moderate
  • The first quarter mile consists of a series of switchbacks up a steep hillside from the bottom of the valley with an elevation gain of more 200 feet.
  • After the first quarter mile the elevation change to the lake is slight.
  • There are a few short hills along the loop with the largest of them gaining (and dropping) about 60 feet as the trail goes over a small muskeg covered hill.
Route Finding: Easy
Trail Condition: Good
  • The loop portion of the trail was completed in Spring 2004 and the rest of the trail received significant maintenance as part of the work.
  • In winter sections of the trail may be quite icy.
Seasonal Notes
  • Flowers bloom all along the trail starting in spring.
  • Flowers bloom throughout the summer.
  • Dragonflies are common in the muskeg portions of the loop as well as around the lake.
  • The first snow on the surrounding mountains can be a dramatic sight.
  • Accessibility is less convenient due to the closure of Blue Lake Road
  • The trail may be quite icy in places.
  • The lake may freeze