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Hikes and Maps with *'s are more or less complete as far as the current version is concerned. Those without are in varying stages of incompleteness.
Silver Bay Area (Map)*
Green Lake Road*
Bear Cove*
Green Lake*
Medvejie Lake Trail*
Medvejie Lake*
Medvejie Falls*
Thimbleberry Lake to Blue Lake Area (Map)*
Beaver Lake*
Beaver Lake*
Loop Trail*
Blue Lake Road*
Blue Lake Overlook*
Blue Lake Dam*
Heart Lake Trail*
Heart Lake*
Thimbleberry Lake
Thimbleberry Lake Trail*
Thimbleberry Falls
Thimblebery Lake
Thimbleberry Lake to Heart Lake
Mt. Verstovia and Indian River Area (Map)*
Mt. Verstovia*
First Viewpoint (800 feet)
Second Viewpoint
Picnic Rock (Peak 2550)
Main Peak (Arrowhead Peak)
Indian River*
Muskeg View*
First Bridge*
Indian River Falls*
Gavan Hill to Harbor Mountain Area (Map)*
Sitka Cross Trail*
Gavan Hill Trail*
Gavan Ridge
Gavan Hill Summit
Harbor-Gavan Shelter
Harbor Mountain Parking Lot
Harbor Mountain*
Harbor Mountain Road
Harbor Mountain Picnic Area
Harbor Mountain Bowl/Overlook
Harbor Mountain Peaks
Harbor-Gavan Shelter
Gavan Hill Trailhead
Starrigavan Area
Starrigavan Recreation Area*
Forest and Muskeg Trail
Estuary Life Trail
Starrigavan Valley
Mosquito Cove