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June 8, 2010

Kill deer Eggs

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I found kill deer eggs on a gravel road when I was jogging with Grandpa and Connor. They were very hard to find. They were in the middle of the road. It wasn’t a busy road. There were five eggs. I probably would have stepped on them if I wasn’t paying attention.KillDeerEggs

trout fishing.

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We caught two big trout. They are on the right hand side of the picture and the small trout are on the left hand side. The one that is at the end of the left is the golden trout. TroutCaught

August 17, 2009

Lucky Morning

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I cot 4 pink salmon early in the morning grampa had to wade in the ocean to catch pink salmon because they were so far out. Then on the day before Grandpa and Grams left, we cot a chum salmon. It fought harder and harder and then we finally got it in. The picture is of the chum salmon. The End.chum

August 7, 2009

Tieing flies

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I tied four flies and the third one came out just like grandpa’s. And I used one of the hooks – the one that doesn’t have a fly on it – for a herring rod. And the others are going to be used for fly fishing. I going to send one down to Idaho to my grandpa to use. I learned to tie flies by watching grandpa.connorflytiehelpconnortyingfirstflyconnorfirstfly

The shelf

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I made a shelf . It took me a long time to make the shelf. I used 2 boards, 4 2by4s, and 12 screws. It is used for shoes.connorshoeshelf-building connorshoeshelffinished2connorshoeshelfcloseup2

June 16, 2009

Making the Deck

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Yesterday and the day before yesterday we were working on a deck. I got almost everything done on the day before yesterday,but I did not. I will see you when I get home.

Gopher Story

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We set a gopher trap the night before last night and early yesterday morning I got up, got dressed, and went outside to check the gopher trap. AND we caught a gopher. I looked both ways before I went across the road and then I went and told grandpa that we got a gopher and I asked if I could pull the trap up and he said yes. I said, “I’ll just leave it in the trap until you do something with it.” He said he would come over with me right now. So grandpa took the gopher out of the trap and I saved it until Grams and Rowan got up and saw it. Grams took a picture of it.

It was a pocket gopher. It is called a pocket gopher because it has pockets on the side of its mouth and it gets dirt in its pokcetsgopher and then comes up and shoots it out.


Catching blue gill and perch

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Yesterday we went fishing at CJ Strike. What we mostly caught first was perch and then we got blue gill. We got 3 perch and 4 blue gill. Do you know how much that equals? I do – we had 7 fish total.connorandperch

Riding Inky and Barney

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I was riding Inky and Barney yesterday. It was fun. Barney wasn’t bucky except for two times. Next year if they still have Inky and Barney, they will put a saddle and bridle on them and they will give me some training and then I will be on my own.barneyconnorinkyconnor

June 12, 2009

Fishing and Catching Some Bass

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We were fishing in Wilson’s Pond and catching some bass. I saw geese. After we caught bass we let them go because they were too small.bassrowan

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