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July 31, 2007

The baby mouse story

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Connor picked up the baby mouse and he was SO Cute. The cutest baby mouse of all – that Connor saw. We found it where the red lawnmower was and grandpa had to pump up the tires because they were really flat. And good thing he didn’t get run over by the red lawnmower. He didn’t even have his eyes open. And that’s all


(this happened Sat – July 28)

Another kitty cat

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I wanted to pet the donkey but wanted to pet the cat more. And that’s all

(this was in LaGrande Oregon on Sunday – July 22)rowanandkitty.JPG

Petting the kitty cat

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This is great grandma’s kitty. That’s all


(Sunday – July 29)

My penguin

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with the birdhouse too and that’s all


Connor Riding Inky

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I like riding Inky.


(this happened Sat – July 28)

Today’s story – about the birdhouse

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i like the birdhouse. the birdhouse made of barn wood.



July 26, 2007

Bird at the zoo

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I saw the bird took the stick with the food on it out of my hand.


Grasshopper Looker – today’s story

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I like catching the grasshoppers to use as bait for fishing. We caught 16 grasshoppers.


July 24, 2007

Today’s story

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I played fetch with Trixie. Rowan not going to be scared of Trixie. I have a loose tooth that is wiggly a little but now it is getting looser.

I got up early today and I came out to by where Trixie sleeps and played quietly. Now we are doing the web log but first we are writing the stories on the paper.

at great grandma’s house

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I saw lady bugs and lots of butterflies and great grandma’s kitty and dog too.
I saw a pretty blue dragonfly.



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