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June 16, 2009

Riding Inky and Barney

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I was riding Inky and Barney yesterday. It was fun. Barney wasn’t bucky except for two times. Next year if they still have Inky and Barney, they will put a saddle and bridle on them and they will give me some training and then I will be on my own.barneyconnorinkyconnor

June 3, 2009

cricket catching

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i cot three crickets and we put them in a gar. i gave them some leaves to eat.
For wild food Wed, we ate some persillon. It tasted like wheat.wildfood

December 9, 2008

Stalking Games

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I stot up on my dad and my sister frst I ran on the litl Ilined then I snook in to the booshis on the Iline then I climed the hill then I went theroow the litl trail that gose by oru booe swing then I went theroow the booshis then I went arouned the house twise.

[I stalked up on my dad and sister. First I ran on the little island, then I snook into the bushes on the island. Then I climbed the hill and went through the little trail that goes by our bouy swing. Then I went through the bushes and around the house twice.]

June 14, 2008

The zipping story

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I got to zip at cousin Becca’s house – it was fun. You hold on to the triangles and unhook the line from the ladder and then you jump from a platform and zip off.

May 26, 2008

Gavin and Teegan Playing Outside and Connor and Rowan

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Teegan and Quinn and Connor been playing with me. And Gavin. A bee came on Connor’s sleeping bag and then it buzzed off again. We got a moth.

I saw a Red-tailed Hawk on Verstovia mountain. We were hiking up Verstovia mountain because we wanted to see the snow. Dad took pictures of us and we had picnic and I wanted to go back down after the picnic and those pictures. I played outside when we were back from Verstovia.

We had fun sleeping outside, mom. I wish you were here to sleep with us. Grams is coming tomorrow. I’m very excited to see her.

May 10, 2008

The Owie Story (to Mom)

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Scraped Knee

I was chasing the basketball and I was chasing it down the concrete hill and when I was almost across the road I tripped and fell on the gravel. I cried and cried for mom and dad, and I really wanted mom to hug and kiss me, but I couldn’t because mom couldn’t give me a hug and kiss because she was going to Ireland. I wanted to really give her a hug.

I really got an owie and it hurted so bad. Connor carried me some way up the hill and I got to walk and then I got to ride in the wagon and I runned all the way up to the wagon. I got ride in the wagon some, and then I went to dad. Then I went inside and dad took the picture of my owie and then putted a bandaid on me; two bandaids.

Mom will come back from Ireland soon, so I could give her another hug and a kiss, because I will miss her a lot. I will have fun at Idaho because it’s really, really fun going fishing down there. I want to go fishing someday because it’s really, really fun.

The Bullhead Story

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I caught a bullhead and I did not know until I picked up the bag and felt a bullhead swimming around in it; and I moved it to a beautiful pool. We gave it some clams and we watched it and we putted it and we scooped out of the water and put in the new water, then we dumped the dirty water out into a different pool. Then we saw a dead bullhead.

Keith gave me a windshield wiper, two nets for me and Rowan, and a box. We said thank you.

We also saw a hummingbird.

April 6, 2008

I went to Preschool

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I went to preschool. I had fun. I went to preschool went it was morning and it was morning and I don’t have preschool now, but I’m having fun at home. It’s snowing and I like snow and I had fun in the snow when it was snow time and i got to wear my snow pants and my snow boots and got to wear a coat. I liked playing outside to and I really liked to do that and I really, really liked it. Snow is snowing now, and it was raining before, been snowing for a long long time. It came to a stop and it was coming and now all the crocuses are blooming and we saw some before and now they’re closed, and some of them are opened. I just liked it when it was spring and now it’s snowing again and it’s going to get spring soon. I seem to have fun at preschool. I just like it when I’m at preschool too. I go to preschool again until my preschool stops we haved a bath today. I liked reading books when I was at school, I wanted to be with my mom but she’s at Market Center now. I like to have fun at preschool and mom just have to go to Market Center to get some food. I just like to have it really good, because I like food. Mom says we have to eat healthy food, healthy water is really healthy for us and milk is healthy for us and all the stuff we eat is healthy for us, and that is what we do. We eat what we eat. We eat, eat, eat, but I liked my doing stuff but I just like to have it and i really like to have fun at preschool. I just like to have preschool, and it’s really fun to be at preschool, and it’s really, really fun to be at preschool, and mom’s at Market Center right now and I really like to have fun at preschool. I like to have fun and it’s really good to have fun at preschool and it looks fun at preschool and I get to play with my kids, and we’re going on a boat trip someday.

February 4, 2008

The Snow Cave Story

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Connor and Rowan in their Snow Cave

I made a snow cave for me and Rowan it was big. Me and Rowan got to rest in it and dad got to take a picture of us.

Connor and Rowan in their Snow Cave

Connor and Rowan in their Snow Cave

September 9, 2007

Today’s Story

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On the other day we went hiking up Verstovia and sometimes we never do that before. We saw town and we are tall up on Verstovia. And we biked home.

When we play with Connor’s marble, but we lose it sometimes, but when we find Connor’s marble again, we be happy. And that’s all. It’s a magic marble.

And now I want to talk about my carebare blanket. I like my carebear blanket. I like it, but sometimes I lose it, I lose it sometimes, and I like it. That’s all.

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