Connor and Rowan Tell Their Stories Tales of growing up in Sitka, Alaska

May 26, 2008

Gavin and Teegan Playing Outside and Connor and Rowan

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Teegan and Quinn and Connor been playing with me. And Gavin. A bee came on Connor’s sleeping bag and then it buzzed off again. We got a moth.

I saw a Red-tailed Hawk on Verstovia mountain. We were hiking up Verstovia mountain because we wanted to see the snow. Dad took pictures of us and we had picnic and I wanted to go back down after the picnic and those pictures. I played outside when we were back from Verstovia.

We had fun sleeping outside, mom. I wish you were here to sleep with us. Grams is coming tomorrow. I’m very excited to see her.

The sleeping out sied and the motin story

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I slept out sied yestrday and it was fu! We hite all the way to the snow on Vstarvu moutin.
[I slept outside yesterday and it was fun! We hiked all the way to the snow on Verstovia mountain.]

I love you mom.

I got a bunch owies on my stomach from hiking down Verstovia mountain. It hurt. I saw a Red-tailed Hawk. When I was going up and coming down.

May 21, 2008

The humingbird and tooth Story

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I saw a humingbird a feyou ichise in the bushi!
[I saw a hummingbird a few inches away in the burhses]

School is good I Love you mom!

My tooth came out today Love Connor

Beach Day

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I’m going to the beach with my whole classroom tomorrow. I bet I would go back to my school tomorrow. I’m going to Nana’s tomorrow. We called Nana. I had very fun at the beach. I went very fun at the beach sometimes, but when I get hurt, I cry. Sometimes I catch bullheads with our net. Sometimes I don’t. Connor gave me some with his net, when he catch one. When he catch one I get to hold it too. I’m very happy grams is going to help me pack when mom is in Ireland.

Thanks you grams for helping us pack once you’re here. I love grams and mom.

May 20, 2008

The blhed and Jele Fish Story

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I saw a JeleFish in the tide pool by the big rack. I Love you mom!

I didn’t cecha blhed!

[I saw a jellyfish in the tidepool by the big rock. I love you Mom! I didn’t catch a bullhead.]


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Thanks mom for giving me the stonechap picture, I like it. Thanks for giving me it and writing my name. I like it and thanks for Connor, send for Connor too. I know he really wants one, but I know mine got here first. I don’t want to be sad without you, but I really love you.

I hurt myself on a barnacle on my arm. I was reaching down to catch a bullhead and I cried. I’m alright now.

May 13, 2008

The Deer Story

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I saw a big mother deer and I think it is getting ready to have a baby because it is big. It is probably bigger than my head. That stomach is really huge, it’s probably bigger than your head.

I Saw a Deer

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The deer is laying in the grass. It’s eating leaves. I think it’s having a baby. Dad saw the deer first, before I did. I didn’t know the deer was there. I didn’t know it was there until dad told me it was really, but before Tegan and I and Connor saw two deers that is a mommy and a daddy. I think that’s the same deer, but it’s only one and I didn’t know where that deer came from.

May 10, 2008

The Owie Story (to Mom)

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Scraped Knee

I was chasing the basketball and I was chasing it down the concrete hill and when I was almost across the road I tripped and fell on the gravel. I cried and cried for mom and dad, and I really wanted mom to hug and kiss me, but I couldn’t because mom couldn’t give me a hug and kiss because she was going to Ireland. I wanted to really give her a hug.

I really got an owie and it hurted so bad. Connor carried me some way up the hill and I got to walk and then I got to ride in the wagon and I runned all the way up to the wagon. I got ride in the wagon some, and then I went to dad. Then I went inside and dad took the picture of my owie and then putted a bandaid on me; two bandaids.

Mom will come back from Ireland soon, so I could give her another hug and a kiss, because I will miss her a lot. I will have fun at Idaho because it’s really, really fun going fishing down there. I want to go fishing someday because it’s really, really fun.

The Bullhead Story

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I caught a bullhead and I did not know until I picked up the bag and felt a bullhead swimming around in it; and I moved it to a beautiful pool. We gave it some clams and we watched it and we putted it and we scooped out of the water and put in the new water, then we dumped the dirty water out into a different pool. Then we saw a dead bullhead.

Keith gave me a windshield wiper, two nets for me and Rowan, and a box. We said thank you.

We also saw a hummingbird.

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