Connor and Rowan Tell Their Stories Tales of growing up in Sitka, Alaska

February 29, 2008

The Nest Story

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Connor with a Bird Nest

I got to see a nest and I brung it home and you know how I did it? I climbed up a big rock and I went through some high bushes, I took some leaves out, it was up there for ten months and eleven years. I lifted up and took the leaves out, then I went out another way.

February 26, 2008

Dad took a Callepitter Picture

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Dad saw a callepitter and that was cool, and we got to climb on some rocks and I got to run across where the water was. I got to go in the forest where there was a trail, and dad didn’t like that because I was leading home by myself and that wasn’t very nice and I was sorry. Then we went home together and I tried to pet a Pine Siskin and I couldn’t because they didn’t come back, so I went inside and stayed in there and played for a long, long time, and that was nice because they didn’t come back. I watched WonderPets because I didn’t play outside because mom letted me and that was very nice, and that was good, because I liked that so much. We watch a lot a lot of t.v. and then now it’s night time and I’m doing a weblog and now we played a hat game and now we played a different hat game and now I was doing what I was doing and now I was very, very happy and now I was crying before and now I’m better, and now I like it because I was there, and now I am back from school, and I got to do lots of stuff at preschool, and preschool was very much fun, and it was very nice of them, because they let me do very much stuff, and I even got to play on the computer, and that was very, very much fun, because I liked it, and it was very, very nice because let me have a turn, because someone took my place because I got to go after them, and that was very, very nice because I got to play again, because my teacher’s took that off and I got to play that again, and I very much liked it.

I very liked it when dad saw a callepitter on a very high branch and I liked it because I did it, and that was very nice of him. Picture are below of the callepitter.


The Birds Story

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I think I saw a Red-tailed Hawk and I also got to pet a Pine Siskin and a Pine Siskin came close to my knee. I found two dead Bald Eagles. I got to see a bird’s nest… and, I got to see three swans… and I saw a Bald Eagle and I heard about a starling with broken wing and it healed up the wrong way, now it can’t fly anymore. It will have to stay where it is.

Dead Bald Eagle

Dead Bald Eagle

February 16, 2008

The Pine Siskin and the Redpoll Story

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I saw seven Pine Siskins and some Redpolls, and they were in the gate that we put up so the cat won’t get the birds as easily, because we had the same cat coming around and killing birds two times.

There was a Chestnut-backed Chickadee landed on my head. I did not know, but Rowan did know.

A Chestnut-backed Chickadee flew really close to me and the Chestnut-backed Chickadee likes the sunflower seeds a lot. One flew right in front of me when I was on the porch standing up.

Dad Saw a Mink

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Mink at Totem Park

Today dad saw a mink and I got to see it, that was cool, and Connor too. We found tracks and it went in holes and hide under rocks, and it goes in holes to trick other things that eats minks. The mink sit and ran to the tree, and sitted again and ran, sit, and sit, and sit, and it sitted, and it sitted, and it sitted. We were headed on our way home and we got to see it by the river.

February 4, 2008

The Snow Cave Story

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Connor and Rowan in their Snow Cave

I made a snow cave for me and Rowan it was big. Me and Rowan got to rest in it and dad got to take a picture of us.

Connor and Rowan in their Snow Cave

Connor and Rowan in their Snow Cave

February 3, 2008

The Junco Close

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A junco got close to me because I was sitting really still and sitting really quiet and it was a Dark-eyed Junco. It was a male because the males of Dark-eyed Juncos, they have a dark head and the females have a lighter head. The Dark-eyed Junco came close to me because I put bird food out.

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