Connor and Rowan Tell Their Stories Tales of growing up in Sitka, Alaska

June 9, 2009

baer stories

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1 I saw a black bear at the gas station in Oregon. I have never seen a black bear up close. The black bear was a cub at the time when his mother got hit by a car.

2 I saw 2 brown bears in Oregon at the gas station. The brown bears were cubs. It was in a cage. I think the black bear and the brown bear were about 3 years old. The same for the brown bears, their mothers got killed by a car.

3 The Animal Planet guy was there too. We was was photo-ing the bears while the other people were giving the bears ice so they could keep cool. The bears were going to Washington State – where I was born, but not in Pullman. They were going to let them go free – they taught them how to survive at a place in Boise Idaho.bearwatchingbears

going fishing

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I went fishing – I had a few bites. I didn’t set the hook fast enough so I didn’t catch any. I just reeled. I wasn’t watching my bobber. I watched Connor and grandpa and somebody else and I watched for bugs. I saw a dragonfly fly by. And I kicking some rocks and I was watching sometimes the water and I was missing my mom and dad a lot when I was fishing. The end.rowanfishing

bugs n the gordin

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I found crickets and moths and spiders and rolly-pollies.bugs1

Finding baby birds in a nest

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I found a robins nest when we where pulling weeds. I said there’s a nest in a tree I said maybe there’s some eggs in the nest so I climbed the tree and I found four baby birds.


June 3, 2009

cricket catching

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i cot three crickets and we put them in a gar. i gave them some leaves to eat.
For wild food Wed, we ate some persillon. It tasted like wheat.wildfood

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