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February 26, 2008

Dad took a Callepitter Picture

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Dad saw a callepitter and that was cool, and we got to climb on some rocks and I got to run across where the water was. I got to go in the forest where there was a trail, and dad didn’t like that because I was leading home by myself and that wasn’t very nice and I was sorry. Then we went home together and I tried to pet a Pine Siskin and I couldn’t because they didn’t come back, so I went inside and stayed in there and played for a long, long time, and that was nice because they didn’t come back. I watched WonderPets because I didn’t play outside because mom letted me and that was very nice, and that was good, because I liked that so much. We watch a lot a lot of t.v. and then now it’s night time and I’m doing a weblog and now we played a hat game and now we played a different hat game and now I was doing what I was doing and now I was very, very happy and now I was crying before and now I’m better, and now I like it because I was there, and now I am back from school, and I got to do lots of stuff at preschool, and preschool was very much fun, and it was very nice of them, because they let me do very much stuff, and I even got to play on the computer, and that was very, very much fun, because I liked it, and it was very, very nice because let me have a turn, because someone took my place because I got to go after them, and that was very, very nice because I got to play again, because my teacher’s took that off and I got to play that again, and I very much liked it.

I very liked it when dad saw a callepitter on a very high branch and I liked it because I did it, and that was very nice of him. Picture are below of the callepitter.



  1. Rowan,

    I enjoyed reading your long story. Those caterpillars are really interesting to look at – they look so much like the branch they are on, they must be very hard to see.

    Yesterday I had to stay home because a repairman was going to fix our tv. It was sunny outside so I went out to the front yard to pick up some of the branches that had blown off the trees in the wind storms this winter. Then I found a jaw bone under the bush where Connor found the bird skeleton last summer. The jaw still had teeth in it and was just the upper side. I don’t know what animal it came from so will have to ask Uncle Jonathan. Maybe I will take a picture of it and send it so you, Connor, and your dad can see it and maybe figure out what it came from.

    I also mailed the package to your dad. It should be there tomorrow.

    Love, Grams

    Comment by Grams — February 28, 2008 @ 9:08 pm

  2. I like to see what’s in dad’s package, because I didn’t know what’s in there, and I would like to know when you’re going to send the feathers to us. I didn’t know you were going to say those letters to me, cause i really liked them. I knew you would like those callepitters because they hide really good. And dad found them, but I saw them because dad moved a branch, and I didn’t know dad found that callepitter because that was so great, and I really didn’t know that because dad found a callepitter, and dad took pictures and sent two of them to you. And I didn’t know if you would like them because I sent them, and I’m really glad you know. I really know you know’d because you really liked it, I didn’t know what you did, because I didn’t know because I wasn’t there. I really want to see the feathers now, but now they are already sent, but it’s taking a long time, but now it’s dark and I can’t see them now. I wanted to see them today, because I really hope you know, because I didn’t know what you sent, because I didn’t know what you’re going to do, because I didn’t know what you were going to say, because I really like the feathers. Please can you call us today?

    Comment by Rowan — February 29, 2008 @ 6:52 pm

  3. Rowan,

    I am sorry that I wasn’t able to call you today. Grandpa and I worked really LATE and then we went to supper. When I got home I read the newspaper before reading your weblog. Then it was too late to call you – you would be in bed.
    On Saturday I will try to call you from great grandma’s house.

    Love, Grams

    Comment by Grams — February 29, 2008 @ 11:35 pm

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