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August 30, 2007

Today’s Story

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I like raptors. I like owls, peregrine falcons, hawks, eagles, differents kinds of hawks and eagles, peregrine falcons. I also like the favorite kind of animals in the whole wide world. And it only comes out when it’s snowing. It’s a day owl. Do you know what that was? It’s a snowy owl.

We have a friend steller’s jay. There’s lots and lots of birds around here. We have a lots and lots of bird feathers and gull feathers.

I been in school and we have free choice and we have recess. We have free math tubs. Which we didn’t have in Kindergarten. We can pick any math tub that we want to do, and we didn’t get to do that in Kindergarten. And that’s all with the school day.

We saw some Harbor Seals. And you know what? I made the “art” sound so many times that the seals followed us and because thought I had some fish and I was a seal. So they followed me all the way to where we were going.

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  1. Where did you see the Harbor Seals? Were they in the harbor? It is interesting that they followed you. Maybe next time you can have your camera and take a picture of them.

    Is the steller’s jay eating any of your peanuts?

    What is your teacher’s name?

    Comment by Grams — August 30, 2007 @ 8:19 pm

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