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January 4, 2008

Rowan and the Moon

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Rowan and the Moon

A long time ago at Swan Lake we saw the moon. So my dad (who is Matt) took a picture of me and the moon. That’s the picture here.

To Grams and Grandpa, from Rowan: My penguin slippers are soft and warm. I got them before this day and then this day came and I am wearing. I got them from my mom that mom gave me for a present, and my butterfly shirts too, for a present. That’s all that I want to say.

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  1. Rowan,

    Thank you for telling me about your penguin slippers. It is nice to have something warm and soft when there is snow outside and it is cold. I am sorry I didn’t see your picture sooner. I have been spending a lot of time helping out Great Grandma. She has been real sick but is now doing better. Last Saturday she was well enough to go outside to see the kitty cats that stay in the building behind her house. There is also another black and white cat that lives behind grandpa’s garden and Great grandma walked over to say hi to it.

    Love, Grams

    Comment by Grams — February 13, 2008 @ 9:55 pm

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